The Almond Rod

The Almond Rod
As God spoke to Jeremiah through an Almond Rod so God continues to teach through prophetic pictures. ‘The Almond Rod’ contains twenty two prophetic parables as Jesus continues to teach His Church today.



In the Old Testament there were those, enabled by the Holy Spirit, who had revelations from God through dreams, through what they heard (Prophets) and through what they saw (Seers).

In the New Testament God continued to speak through dreams, visions, and messages whether audible or heard in the inner man. St John’s revelations received on Patmos are examples of God’s desire to communicate with His people.

Today God has not changed. He continues to speak through dreams, prophetic words or prophetic pictures, as well as in so many other ways. If we ask God  to speak to us we can be sure that He will, in the way He chooses, as we wait upon Him.

What follows are a number of such pictures or parables which show that Jesus continues to teach in this way if we ask Him.

John Wright
The Feast of the Epiphany


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