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Wake Up!

Chris Hill, a former Principal of a Theological College, has written:

Emile-Andre Vanbeckevoort and Arno Lamm have rendered us an enormous service in producing a magnificent book to prepare the Church for the last of the Last Days. “Wake Up!” is aptly named because this is precisely the effect it had on me!  The book is written for the intelligent layman and so it is far from simplistic and yet arguments are carried through with a clarity and depth that has tremendous impact. 

A book of over 545 pages takes a bit of assimilating!  So I for one am immensely grateful to John Wright for producing a Précis of the book - the concise edition of “Wake Up!”   John’s intention is that his Précis should act as an appetiser for the larger work.  He achieves that aim.  My strong advice is "Buy both … and be twice blessed!”


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